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This site was developed and is maintained by me, Dave Thatcher, OHS '62.   Hopefully it will serve the purpose of putting you in touch with your classmates, and give you a place to periodically visit to find out the latest on alumni news, activities, and other websites that our alumni have created.  Enjoy, and feel free to help me improve it. 

Source of Information

In 1985, I started a little database using DBASE III+ to help me keep track of all the alumni I was finding for the reunion in Washington, DC.  I maintain that same database to this day, and use it to produce hardcopy directories, and mailing labels for the newsletters (remember them) and other flyers that I or any other alumnus wants to send out.  Back then  there was no Internet, so that's all I had.  Now, I've finally modernized a little bit, and have copied the contents of that database onto this website.  The database contains all the student's and teacher's names that I found in the yearbooks from 1955 to 1967 for grades 7-12.  To that I have been adding "walk-ins" who represent students that never got into the yearbooks (hence I wouldn't know about them), elementary school students, and former GI's who are interested in our effort. NOTE:  If  you are a former student, you are listed in the Class that you graduated, or would have graduated, from high school.  If you are not a former student, parent or teacher, then you are listed under Friends.

Database statistics as of 24 November 2011

1,465   Good street addresses
   349   Bad addresses (mail returned as undeliverable)  (Maybe you know what it is.  If so, tell me.)
   196   Deceased
1,875   Never located
3,885   Total in database

680   Records with good email addresses
296   Records whose email address is no longer any good  (Maybe you know what it is.  If so, tell me.)
976   Total email addresses that I've had at one time or another

Breakdown of good email addresses by Class as of 24 November 2011

Class of 55     = 9
Class of 56     = 9
Class of 57     = 13
Class of 58     = 19
Class of 59     = 23
Class of 60     = 42
Class of 61     = 40
Class of 62     = 65
Class of 63     = 44
Class of 64     = 54
Class of 65     = 85
Class of 66     = 59
Class of 67     = 61
Class of 68     = 43
Class of 69     = 28
Class of 70     = 26
Class of 71+   = 35
Faculty           = 15
Parents           = 6
Friends           = 4 
Total              = 680

Explanation of Class Pages

Reading from left to right, the data fields are as follows:

The years that the individual was in Orleans, France.

The Student's name, "nickname", and (married name).

The city and state in which the individual currently resides.  If the individual is deceased, this column will reflect that fact. If the individual is still among the missing, this column will be blank.  If the location is preceeded by "LKL:", it means this is the last know location for the individual, and the mailing address I have for this person is no longer any good.

The email address for the individual.

Class Photo Pages

I now have a photo page for each class, and I encourage you all to submit a recent photo of yourself.  I'm interested in you, and not your surroundings, so try to pick one
where your face is recognizable.

Printing Class Pages

Even though all of the information on a single line fits on the screen, I found it necessary to print the page in landscape mode in order to fit the entire line on paper.

Obtaining Printed Directories

I don't do printed directories anymore, but if there is an alumnus for whom you would like their mailing address, you can email me with that request.

Newly-Found Alumni

As of 1 August 2001, when new alumni are found, I will make an entry on the CLASS NEWS page that they have been found.  I will also post their city, state and email address on their respective class page.